Reclamation Water Information System

The Reclamation Water Information System (RWIS) is a pilot version of a Reclamation-wide system for viewing, accessing, and downloading Reclamation's data via a centralized data portal.The RWIS pilot serves representative time-series water data from each Reclamation region. With the RWIS pilot you can:

  • Locate Reclamation sites and access current and historical water data by browsing an interactive map.
  • Search for water data by location or data type with the query tool.
  • Get machine readable water datasets to use as input for your models and analyses via manual downloads or automated data exchange via web service. Use the web service/API URL to feed data to your own applications.

The Reclamation Information Sharing Environment (RISE) will evolve from RWIS to become a mature, sustainable application for sharing data and information in support of Reclamation’s mission. RISE is anticipated to include expanded offerings of water data, plus hydropower data, biological data, water quality data, and infrastructure/assets data. RISE will also include improvements and enhancements to site functionality and performance. Learn more about the vision for RISE and contact us with any questions.

This is a pilot system. Please notify us about any errors, bugs, data requests, feature recommendations, or other feedback so we can improve the site.
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Identify Data Sites

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Use the interactive map to filter and find data at the locations you need and then view or download the data.

Display and Download Data

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Use the query tool to access data by specifying sites and parameters.

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RISE Overview Fact Sheet

RISE Vision

RWIS & RISE Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly project updates

Release Notes

All data are provisional and subject to revision unless otherwise noted. Not all sites, parameters, and data types are currently available through RWIS. Future improvements to the site will add a broader range of data and improve functionality. If you do not find the data or functionality you need, please submit a request to


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Last updated: May 2, 2018