What is RWIS?

The Reclamation Water Information System (RWIS) is pilot version of a system to serve Reclamation data through a centralized web portal. The site provides a map to browse available data, a query tool to find data by specific parameter or site, and an API to allow automated data access.

The pilot system is under active development and may contain bugs, errors, or inconsistencies. See the current Release Notes for details on new or updated features and data.

Please contact us about any errors, bugs, data requests, feature recommendations, or other feedback so we can improve the site

All data are provisional and subject to revision unless otherwise noted.

How do I use RWIS?

  • Map Browsing: Use the map to find data at the locations you need and then link to the query tool to view or download the data.
  • Text-based Query: Use the query tool to search for a data by site or parameter (e.g., precipitation, reservoir inflow, reservoir elevation), and then view or download the data.
  • Application Programming interface (API): Generate a URL to automate retrieval of datasets to use in models or applications.
See the RWIS Help Document for more information.

Why did Reclamation develop RWIS?

To effectively deliver water and power, Reclamation collects water data at over 1,700 locations throughout the Western United States. This data includes river and canal flows, reservoir operations, power deliveries, and more. Reclamation’s many regional and area offices have developed unique websites, tools and databases over many years to meet their diverse needs. Reclamation has made significant investments in water-related data collection and storage systems. Yet we face challenges, as this variety of data sources can be difficult and time-consuming for Reclamation’s stakeholders, customers, and partners to navigate.

The RWIS pilot is Reclamation’s latest step in addressing evolving data needs. A standard data-sharing framework can streamline operations and provide time-series data to Reclamation’s stakeholders, customers and partners more efficiently. This access improves transparency and provides a foundation for more informed decisions related to water and power.

Reclamation’s data-sharing efforts

RWIS builds on an earlier prototype system for sharing time-series water data Reclamation-wide, which was developed through Reclamation Science & Technology Program (S&T) Research Project 969. The prototype demonstrated that Reclamation’s water data could be centralized and established the basis for RWIS’s underlying IT infrastructure and tools to facilitate the transfer of data from regional operational databases to the public portal.

The RWIS Pilot Project (S&T Project 1627) resulted in the initial release of the RWIS system. Efforts to expand and enhance RWIS are underway now through S&T Projects 1627 and 7127.

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Release Notes

All data are provisional and subject to revision unless otherwise noted. Not all sites, parameters, and data types are currently available through RWIS. Future improvements to the site will add a broader range of data and improve functionality. If you do not find the data or functionality you need, please submit a request to rwis@usbr.gov.

Last updated: April 2, 2018