Visualization Demonstrations

This page provides demonstrations of how RWIS data can be used to create visualizations. These demonstrations may eventually be developed into features of RWIS or adapted for use by Reclamation offices. Please give us your feedback on what you like about the demos, what could be improved, and what other things you would like to see.

Available Demonstrations

Colorado River Basin Teacup Diagram - RWIS Demonstration

This demonstration shows a teacup diagram of reservoir storage contents and storage capacity for some of the Colorado River Basin reservoirs. The graphic is a snapshot of conditions for the most recent data in RWIS. All data are provisional and subject to revision unless otherwise noted.

Note: This is a demonstration page, intended only to provide examples of potential applications and use of RWIS data. The demonstrations have not been tested for compatibility with all browsers. If a demonstration is not working, try the Chrome browser. The demonstrations have not been reviewed for accuracy. They should not be used for decision-making, publication, or reference. Please contact us with any questions.